Frequently asked Questions 

Q. How do I take a warrant out on someone?

A. Go to the Magistrates Office and talk with a Magistrate. They will hear your complaint & direct you on the process. If your complaint justifies a warrant being issued they will help you, or they will recommend a solution to your problem.

Q. How do I get a gun permit?

A. Complete an application at the Sheriff’s Office OR better yet save a trip & apply online OR download your concealed permit application (or renewal) from our site and take it in!

Q. For how long are gun permits valid?

A. Five years from the time you receive it to purchase the weapon.

Q. Who does the Sheriff answer to?

A. The Sheriff is an elected official and reports only to the voters.

Q. How do I go about visiting an inmate?

A. The new process for visitation will be by appointment. Visitors will be required to call the visitation officer at 910-671-3162 between the hours of 8:00am and 4:30pm Monday thru Friday to schedule an appointment. Visitors will be scheduled for visitation appointments by the inmate’s last name. The following schedule indicates by the inmate’s last name the day of the week they will be allowed visitation.

Visitation Schedule:
Mondays, inmates with last name A-L
Tuesdays, inmates with last name M-Z
Wednesdays, female inmates
Thursdays, inmates with last name A-L
Friday, inmates with last name M-Z
Saturdays, female inmates

The visitor must call at least (3) three days in advance to schedule a visitation appointment. Failure to do so will result in no visitation. All visitors must be on the inmate’s approved visitors list. Each adult visitor will be required to present photo identification prior to being allowed to visit (ages 17 and above is considered an adult). Inmates will only be allowed (1) one visit per week. Visitors will only be allowed to make (1) one visitation appointment per week at a time.

Q. I know something that may help solve a crime or I have information I’d like to pass to someone at the Sheriff’s Office. What do I do?

A. You may call our office @ 910-671-3100 OR you may use our online tip form by clicking HERE