Inmate Releases


All inmate releases from the Robeson County Detention Center will result from an inmate posting bond, a court order, completion of a sentence, payment of court cost and fines, another agency releasing their hold, another authorized agency assuming custody of an inmate.

Inmate releases can occur at anytime which may result in multiple inmates awaiting release processing. All inmate release information is thoroughly reviewed by staff to ensure public safety. Please know that due to thorough reviews of inmate release procedures, releases can be time consuming. Also inmate releases may be delayed due to facility operational security procedures. The following are the type of releases:


  • Inmates serving a sentence are generally released between 8:15 AM and 5:00 PM on the day of discharge unless the court makes other instructions.


  • Some inmates required to be released to adult probation; drug treatment and other programs must be picked up by a representative from that organization.


  • Inmates with charges from other jurisdictions are turned over to officers from the other jurisdiction when all Robeson County business has been completed.


  • Inmates sentenced to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety will be transported or picked up by DPS as soon as practical.


For security purpose, Detention staff members are forbidden from discussing when an inmate will be transported from the facility.

Inmate clothing and property in the custody of the jail will be returned to the inmate as well as any money left in the inmates account, at the time of release.