Jail Health

Jail Health Services

Jail Health Service provides quality essential healthcare services to inmates in Robeson County Detention Center.  This is achieved by making healthcare available to all inmates in a timely manner.  Healthcare services available on-site include medical, dental and mental health care.  Specialty medical services are provided through partnerships with local providers.  In addition, diagnostic and treatment services are provided for communicable diseases such as tuberculosis, gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV/AIDS.  Jail Health Services focus is providing inmates with timely medical care and patient education to ensure inmates are as healthy as possible during the term of their incarceration.


Mission:  To provide reasonable, ethical, and professional medical services to inmates detained in the Robeson County Detention Center, in conformance with North Carolina State Statutes, DFS Rules and Regulations, Tort Law, and Standards for the National Commission on Correctional Health Care.


Contact Information:


Laura Smith – Jail Health Administrator 910-671-3280

Email:  laura.smith@co.robeson.nc.us


Tammy Britt – Director of Nursing Services 910-272-5882

Email:  tammy.britt@co.robeson.nc.us


Sharon Britt – Office Administration / Records Office 910-671-3275

Email: sharon.britt@co.robeson.nc.us



Frequently asked Questions:


  • How will the jail know that I am a diabetic and I didn’t bring my medicine with me?
    • Each inmate is medically screened by a nurse during the intake process shortly upon arrival to the facility; this is to identify any potential medical emergencies, acute medical needs, chronic health care needs and those individuals with mental health needs.


  • How does the medical care of a pregnant inmate work?
    • Pregnant inmates are referred out to local providers for regular checkups and any specialty care will be referred to a specialist.


  • How does sick call work?
    • Sick Call Slips may be obtained from the Officers on the hall, which are then picked up by the medical staff at regular intervals throughout the day.  Inmates are charged co-pay for medical visits with the medical staff, as well as some services such as X-rays, and prescriptions.
    • Sick Call is conducted daily by medical staff and referrals / appointments are followed up on-site by the appropriate providers which include a medical doctor, a dentist, and a psychiatrist.


  • What if there is a medical emergency?
    • Nursing staff is on-site 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  If an inmate is injured or becomes suddenly ill at any time, the officer on the hall will notify medical staff.
    • The Medical Department Staff will assess complaints and emergency care will be rendered accordingly.